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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Expect incisive insights into relationships of all kinds



Your horoscope for the week ahead: Expect incisive insights into relationships of all kinds

Over the past week the crescent Moon has been waxing and rising higher in the sky after sunset. This week will see the First Quarter Moon or half Moon in Sagittarius, which began as a thin, gondola-shaped symbol of hope. 

Your hopes, dreams and wishes have been collected by our night luminary. She is shaping your dreams, hopes and desires as she grows in fullness throughout the Lunar Month. 

On Monday and Tuesday, Neptune’s link to the Sun will create a spiritual, ethereal quality that makes it a great time to meditate. Mars will enter Libra, a clear-thinking sign on Tuesday. This will increase communication and intellectual reasoning.

This will provide you with insightful insights into relationships of any kind. It will make you more aware of yourself and allow you to ponder your future. Enjoy ideas that motivate you. Avoid thoughts that cause anxiety and fear. Your future is created by all those millions of thoughts running through your head. So be careful about what you let in. 

The week closes on a happy note with the Moon passing near Jupiter, the Bringer Of Joy. This will help you keep your emotions energized. Your sense of humor should rule your weekend. Laughter can have a magical effect on your life, providing a buffer against potential problems. The Moon-Jupiter connection will give you a boost of energy, dynamism, and an abundance of luck.

Here’s your horoscope Monday, September 13th 2021.


Negative celestial influences are starting to wane. You’ve been dealing with a daunting and difficult situation for some time. It has been frustrating that you have failed to resolve it. Your initial problem is now gone. It will prove to be true that you have a prescient expectation of the future. Be true to yourself and not what others tell you. Unexpected information can prove you right and help you to win. Sagittarius’ First Quarter Moon asserts that events can be steered in your favor.  


We worry far too much about what other people think of us. Not only do we give too much attention to the opinions of our neighbours, our peers and our colleagues — we subtly allow our closer relationships to shape and sometimes restrict our behaviour. We don’t want to do things that our loved ones wouldn’t approve of or understand. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to explore territory they consider dangerous. The First Quarter Moon of Sagittarius can help you to resolve conflicts that touch on the issues above. You will find that everything is about to become happy. 


So often, we clear up one difficult emotional issue only to find another starting to arise. This time it is different. It is clear that something is moving and you need to maintain it. This doesn’t mean you have to exert more effort. It just requires serenity when faced with inconsistency or delay. Your most pressing concerns are calling for your attention. You are being surrounded by vultures, waiting to be answered. The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius will bring relief from the pressure. New hope will inspire you. 


The current cosmic climate is putting you on edge. It is as if you have no choice but to face the hard facts. It’s a mix of fear and doubt regarding the challenge you are facing. It is quite stressful to be in the unknown. The First Quarter Moon of Sagittarius will help you get out from a rut. You will realize that you are too concerned about nothing. You have more power and potential than you realize, and there is more chance for success.  You have the chance to make it all right. All will be well if you are both realistic and pragmatic. 


No matter how shrewd and experienced we are, we still make mistakes from time to time. We all make mistakes from time to time. We must make room for others and ourselves. The journey of life is always a learning experience. Don’t get mad at anyone or anything. Try to be calm this week. Ask a trusted friend to give you objective and good advice. Sagittarius’ New Moon indicates that success is about being open to innovative ideas. Don’t apologize for yourself — be proud. 


You like to feel that you are holding the steering wheel of your life. However, when you reach out for it now, it doesn’t seem to respond consistently. Although this may seem quite troubling, it does not have to be a problem. Trust what you know, believe in your most inspiring vision — and relax. Positive forces are there to help you navigate through terrain that you cannot plan. The First Quarter Moon of Sagittarius will help you get through any difficulties and take you where you want to go. Allow yourself to let go of fear and embrace the things you are grateful for, and magic will happen. 


You don’t want to be unfair. You don’t want to cause any harm. You have goals you must achieve and promises you must keep. You do have freedom and the right to change certain practices or habits to meet current challenges. You must be sensitive but also respect others’ needs. You will be able to see a way forward with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. You can overcome your doubts by looking at a situation more closely. You have a rare opportunity to release yourself from a burden that is consuming more of your strength than you realize. 


With the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, you are starting to make some sense of what has been happening. You might even find things starting to calm down. It is possible to expect a temporary respite from the tension and uncertainty that has been affecting you recently. It is hard to tell if it will be a temporary relief or a permanent one. It doesn’t depend on what other people say or do, but what you feel inside. Pandora’s Box is now open and has revealed many interesting things. You can force it back in place if necessary, but you might just want to explore what else it has. This week, be open to new possibilities. 


Be careful that you don’t take the good things in life for granted. It is possible to have something in your hands, but you allow it to slip through your hands. You will find the answers to many of your questions with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. These will make you wiser, richer, and healthier. You are part of a complex process that is taking place somewhere in your world. You’re doing something right and natural. Communicate your thoughts clearly. Trust others. It will all work out for you. 


You can’t stop going around in circles completely, but you can at least decide to enjoy your ride on the merry-go-round. Sagittarius’ First Quarter Moon is a sign that acts of genuine compassion will yield positive results. However, actions motivated by self-preservation might not produce such positive results. Although you might feel vulnerable and exposed, you’re actually very safe. Recognize and nurture your strengths and use them generously for those in need. This week, a brave step will not cause your to fall. It will take you to solid ground. 


The needs of a loved one or a close companion are causing you to expend a lot of energy and to make a lot of compromises. This is actually a good thing because it allows you to make long-overdue positive changes that are not possible on your own. You may forget your own needs if you try to please others. Do not let this happen. The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius will guide you toward honouring your own preferences and priorities too. Your efforts will be a huge, positive impact on everyone involved.


Life may be intense, exhausting and uncertain but it is only because something wonderful is going on. You’re in an enviable situation and are heading toward a highly desirable development. This is the same anxiety people experience before passing exams or winning competitions. It is based upon the fact that you are pretty certain about something even though you don’t have proof. Sagittarius’ First Quarter Moon is a sign that you are on to something good. It’s not good to be overconfident. It is better to be cautious. Don’t be afraid to embrace everything you are grateful for.

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