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Weekend Whipper: Loose Blocks at Crag Spectator



Weekend Whipper: Loose Blocks Hit Crag Spectator

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This week’s whipperThis isn’t your typical gear-ripping or head-smacking fall. But who says bystanders at the crag can’t take the whip?

That’s the case for Léa Chapuis, an aspiring pro skier, who took this video while cragging at Val d’Isere in the French Alps. Chapuis had fallen off a pitch to take this video while her friend was climbing up. Sebastien climbs effortlessly through the vertical, blocky terrain before he throws his left foot above a roof, and reels in.

Chapuis was unhelmeted and parked under the cliff. The heel hook loosened several blocks.

“The rock was as big as an American football,” Chapuis wrote to Climbing in an email. “It bounced and went in a completely different direction than expected….I could have taken it in a horrible way….One side of the rock was very sharp.”

Chapuis was hit on the head by the largest rock, which left a little bit of blood and a concussion.

“I know now that even if you are not belaying or climbing, even if you are far from the climbing route, the risks are absolutely everywhere and we must always stay focused,”Chapuis wrote.

Happy Friday! Be safe this weekend.

Readers, please send your whipper videos, information, and any lessons learned to Anthony Walsh, [email protected]

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