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Watch Adrian Grenier’s Return to TV in New Clickbait Trailer – E! On-line



Watch Adrian Grenier's Return to TV in New Clickbait Trailer - E!  On-line

Adrian Grenier comes back into the limelight with an exciting new role.

On Tuesday, July 20th, Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming drama miniseries, Clickbait, with Grenier at the center of the action. Grenier plays Nick Brewer, a man who seems like the perfect family man, as the first glance suggests. However, he was later abducted, beaten, and left with a sign that read, “I abuse women. I die in 5 million calls.”

It’s up to Nick’s sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) and Mrs. Sophie (Betty Gabriel) to save him, but on the way, “uncover a side of Nick that they didn’t know existed,” via Netflix.

Not only are we fascinated by this gruesome plot, but we’re also excited to see Grenier in a leading role again. Earlier this year, in an interview with Austin Life magazine, the entourage alum described his new life in the Lone Star state, which included retiring from acting.

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