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The best behind the scenes moments with the ‘Sex / Life’ cast: photos



The best behind the scenes moments with the 'Sex / Life' cast: photos

For ever friends! The cast of Sex / Life might feature controversial characters on-screen, but off-screen they’re a tight-knit group.

Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos, Mike Vogel and Margaret OdetteThe bond began during the fall of 2020 filming of the Netflix drama and has continued through press tours and beyond.

The show documents Billie’s (Shahi) sexy and scandalous life as she tries to keep her marriage going to Cooper (Vogel) as she longs for her wild sex life with ex-boyfriend Brad (Demos). She draws on her best friend Sasha (Odette) while she is on the line of love, sex and space.

Off-screen, the stars of the hit show soaked up the limelight and praised each other.

“You are only as good as your scene partner and they are so phenomenal,” Shahi told Us weekly in June 2021 about their two love interests. “They made my job very easy and they are both easy to see.”

The L-word alum, who is with Demos in real life, continued, “A lot of times I would joke with my mom, I would just say, ‘I’m going to work,’ and she would say, ‘I can’t because you have to work with Mike and Adam. That’s not called work. ‘ … [As a group,] We immediately had chemistry. “

Vogel announced that they turned the project on BB Easton‘s novel 44 chapters about 4 men, amid the coronavirus pandemic closings that have helped strengthen their bond as a crew.

“In a way, it was a blessing because the four of us were the only people we could hang out with during this time – to stay separate from everyone else and stay healthy,” the Brave alum told Screen Rant Month. “It creates that trust.”

Vogel noticed that the hot sex scenes between him and his fellow actors also started pretty quickly, which brought them closer again.

“Literally on the second day, we wanted to shoot an intimate scene straight away. You do so much of it over the course of the show that when we’re done, all of our clothes are thrown at us, ”he joked. “And we say, ‘No, no, we are good.’ You can see how these inhibitions are broken down by something like that in the course of filming. “

Scroll down to see the cutest behind-the-scenes moments from the four main characters from Sex / Life:

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