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Survivor 41: View the cast photos gallery



Survivor 41: Meet the cast photo gallery

Age: 28 
Westchester, N.Y. 
Current Residence Arlington (Mass.
Occupation : Ph. Occupation: Ph.
Hobbies: Cooking, biking, being in nature (hiking, camping, swimming in ponds) 
3 words to describe You: Extrovert, enthusiastic, intelligent
Pet Peeves: Men. Not all men, but I cannot stand machismo and man-splainers — anything like that drives me insane. [In grad school]There is a lot of know-it all male energy in my life. One time, when I was dating men, I had to break up with a guy while on a Budapest trip. He kept pronouncing Budapest “Budah-pesht”, to show how intelligent and worldly he was. This was the worst turnoff. He broke up with me within 30 minutes of returning from the trip.
Which accomplishment is your most proud? In February 2019, I was featured in an episode on Radiolab (“Asking for A Friend”) It was a proud moment for many reasons. First, it is a podcast that I love so it was awesome to be a part. It was two-fold. I felt like I could really bring a lot about myself to the interview. Scientists are accustomed to being very formal and sterile. I don’t think so. While we discussed Neanderthals, I brought up the fact of our tendency to see Neanderthals only as males. The reporter suggested that I might be better off imagining myself meeting a female Neanderthal in a bar. Naturally, I said, “Well, that’s my type of story.”  I was enthralled when she accepted it. She had the entire episode be about queer interspecies love, which is literally my greatest dream. 
You might be able to tell us something that we wouldn’t see if we were just looking at you. People are often shocked to learn that I was straight for 23 years. While I have the appearance of being super confident in my queerness now, it was not always like that. People should know it’s OK to take longer to get to know me. I am loud and proud of that. People who have known me for a while are often shocked when I tell them that I am 5’2″. People are often surprised to learn that I am short. My personality takes up more space than 62 inches.  
Who is your hero? Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is my hero. She is such a tough woman. She withstands hatred, sexisms racism, ageism and never gives up. She is a great example of how ordinary people can stand up to powerful forces. Her speech was so emotional after a Republican congressman called out her a bitch. She was so poised and dignified in Congress, but she still clearly channeled intense fiery passion for abusive men and women all over the world who are having to deal with such BS. She stated, “Having daughters does not make someone a decent man.” A decent man treats people with dignity, respect and compassion. This is so clear and true. It makes me feel like I am being seen by a politician. 
Which past Survivor are you most likely to play the game? My strategy would be to stay close to the center, but not directly as the one calling the shots. Todd put Aaron in charge of his tribe at the beginning, but he was aware that he could manage him. This was also what Natalie did in San Juan Del Sur.  She was Jeremy’s number two at the beginning, so he was cut while she stayed.  After that, she pretend to be letting Jon Misch and his comrades. She was in control. She struck just at the right moment and was able get him out and win. I think that would be the type of player I would want to be — I’d want to seem agreeable and like I wasn’t playing with intense strategy, but be right next to the front-man so that I could grab the reins at the right moment. This plan could blow up if you’re too in love with the front-man (à la Stephen with J.T. or any other non-Kim One World players. You must know when to betray them.  
Why do you think you can win Survivor  I believe I have the right combination skills to win the game. I am very strategic and intelligent and have a good understanding of the game. I will continue to think about ways to improve my chances of winning. However, I am also silly and silly, and I believe people will underestimate me and not target my weaknesses. My personality and infectious smile will help me build great relationships with people. I am very open and vulnerable with people. I believe people will feel comfortable with me and tell me information. I want to work with them. I expect people to have warm feelings towards me after the game, even if they vote them out. I can read people’s vibes well and feel shifts in their energy. I believe I will be able to tell if someone is lying to me or plotting to betray. Although I’m very empathic to others, I can also have a wall in me. I always put my closest friends first and will never betray anyone just to win the game. I am also persistently optimistic and will not give up.

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