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Sidney Crosby, Penguins’ captain, returns to the team after undergoing wrist surgery



Penguins captain Sidney Crosby out through start of season following wrist surgery

The Pittsburgh Penguins won’t have Sidney Crosby as their captain to begin the season.

The Hart Trophy winner twice will be back at work in six weeks, according to the team Wednesday.

Ron Hextall, general manager, stated that Crosby has been suffering from the injury for many years. The team had exhausted every option before deciding on surgery as the best course.

Hextall stated, “We all wish we knew this a month ago or two months ago, Sid included.” “That would be fantastic, but we are right where we are.”

The Penguins start training camp this month. They open the season against Tampa Bay, the two-time Stanley Cup champions. Crosby’s possible routine will likely be available around Oct. 20.

Crosby, 34, was not absent from any of the COVID-19-shortened 2020-21 seasons. He ended the season with 38 assists and 24 goals to help the Penguins win the East Division title. In six of Pittsburgh’s playoff losses to the New York Islanders, he had an assist and a goal.

Malkin also missed the season’s start

Hextall reported that Crosby rested the injury following the season, while weighing to determine if it could withstand being played with for another year.

Hextall stated, “At some point you ramp up the pace along the way.” “This was the best way to proceed,” Hextall said.

Crosby will not be joining his long-time friend and teammate Evgenimalkin for the start of the new season. Malkin was treated for right knee surgery in June. The team declined to give any details about Malkin’s recovery other than to say that he will not be available for training camp.

Hextall declined information on Malkin’s condition, but said the team would have a better idea when training camp begins. Hextall admitted that it was not ideal to start the year without two franchise cornerstones, but added that the team would not be sorry.

Hextall stated, “We still need to find methods to win games.”

Over the summer, the Penguins were quiet in free agency. Hextall said that looking for help on open market is not an option at this stage because he doesn’t anticipate Malkin and Crosby being out for extended periods.

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