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Persol & JW Anderson bring out colorful sunglasses in limited editions



Persol & JW Anderson bring out colorful sunglasses in limited editions

The London-based menswear brand JW Anderson is giving away two long-standing Persol sunglasses, colorful updates in limited editions and a matching artistic portrait campaign.

The classic shape of the Persol 649 sunglasses certainly needs no introduction, as they have retained iconic status since actor Marcello Mastroianni wore them in the 1961 Italian-style film classic Divorce.

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But JW Anderson’s almost dissonant take on the frames makes them like never before in unique recycled acetates that blend blue with amber and red, brown with pink, and various turtle-inspired greens.

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The second pair, the Persol 0009, looks like something from this century, but the four-lens design actually dates back to 1935, according to Inside Hook. JW Anderson tried to create a juxtaposition with two-tone frames, those in blue and pink , Black and white, dark and light green, and orange and light blue were coated.

To present the collaboration, photographer Tyler Mitchell shot eight tonal portraits of models, crowned by “sculptural hair creations” by Jamaican-American hairstylist Benjamin Bruno.

“I really wanted to work with Tyler. He’s such an incredible artist and photographer. I wanted pictures that became poetic miniatures, almost like windows, “said Anderson.

“I also love what Jawara does. His hairstyles are amazing and have helped create this incredible portrait that is kind of indistinguishable from time.”

The Persol x JW Anderson collection is priced at $ 261 for the 649 and $ 417 for the 0009 and is available online now.

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