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MLB standings 2021: Updated bracket and magic numbers as of September 9



MLB standings 2021: Updated playoff bracket, magic numbers as of Sept. 9

The 2021 MLB season is rapidly winding down, and as it nears its finish several postseason races have drawn most of the focus.

All divisional races, except two, appear to be locked up. The Braves rose to first in August and remain in the top spot well into September, with the Phillies a close second and the Mets just behind them. The Giants have quietly been the best team in baseball for most of the season, yet find themselves holding off an incredibly talented Dodgers squad in the NL West.

Both the wild card races look fierce. The Yankees were second and third in the American League. They entered September still at the top, but they are now under pressure from the Blue Jays Mariners and Athletics. The second-place team in the NL West will almost certainly win the first wildcard, but there is still a chance that the Reds Padres, Phillies Cardinals and Mets could all be within striking distance.

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The MLB standings will be tracked by The Sporting News at the end of the season. This is all you need to know as we head into the final stretch.

MLB standings 2021

American League playoff bracket

After Wednesday’s Sept. 8 games, standings are updated

Seed Team Division Record Percentage
1 Rays East 88-52 .629
2 Astros West 81-58 .583
3 White Sox Central 80-59 .576
4 (WC). Red Sox East 80-62 .563
5 (WC) Yankees East 78-61 .561

American League Wild-Card Standings

  • WC1: Red Sox 80-62 (.563)
  • WC2 Yankees 78-61 (1.561)


  • Blue Jays 76-62 (0.551), 1.5GB
  • Mariners 76-64, (.543). 2.5 GB
  • Athletics, 75-64 (.540), 3GB
  • Indians 68-69 (.496). 9 GB
  • Angels, 69-71 (.493). 9.5 GB
  • Tigers, 66-75 (.468) 13 GB
  • Royals 62-77 (.446) 16 GB
  • Twins 62-77 (.446) 16 GB
  • Rangers, 51-88 (.367), ELIMINATED
  • Orioles 45-93 (.326) ELIMINATED

National League playoff bracket

After Wednesday, September 8th games, standings are updated

Seed Team Division Record Percentage
1 Giants West 90-50 .643
2 Brewers Central 86-55 .610
3 Braves East 73-65 .529
4 (WC). Dodgers West 88-52 .629
5 (WC) Padres West 74-65 .532

National League wild card standings

  • WC1 – Dodgers 88-52 (0.629)
  • WC2 Padres 74-65

  • Reds 74-67 (.525) 1 GB
  • Phillies 71-68 (.511) 3 GB
  • Cardinals 70-68, 0.507; 3.5 GB
  • Mets 70-70,.500, 4.5 GB
  • Cubs 65-76 (.461) 10 GB
  • Rockies 63-77 (.450), 111.5 GB
  • Marlins 58-81, 16.417)
  • Nationals 58-81, 16.417)
  • Pirates 50-90 (.357), ELIMINATED
  • Diamondbacks 45-95, ELIMINATED

MLB magic numbers for 2021

This is the part where fans of teams in playoff spots — or those just outside — really start to get out the calculators. The magic number is the combination of a team’s wins and/or losses by its closest competitor needed to clinch a playoff spot.

Each team must have the magic number to win the title. The elimination number for the teams that are trailing is also listed. For those who are in the race for the wild card, the same information is available. provides the following information.

Updated after Tuesday’s games, Sept. 7.

AL East

Rays, 14/x

Red Sox, x/13


Blue Jays, 13

Orioles, x/x

AL Central

White Sox, 14/x

Indians, x/14

Tigers, x/8

Royals, x/6

Twins, x/6

AL West

Astros, 18/x

Mariners, x/18

Athletics, x/18

Angels, x/11

Rangers, x/x

AL Wild Card

Red Sox, 21/x

Yankees, 23/x

Blue Jays, x/23

Mariners, x/21

Athletics, x/21

Indians, x/16

Angels, x/14

Tigers, x/10

Royals, x/8

Twins, x/8

Rangers, x/x

Orioles x/x

NL East

Braves 22/x

Phillies, x/22

Mets, 20

Marlins, 9/9

Nationals, x/9

NL Central

Brewers 10/x

Reds, 10/10

Cardinals, 9/9

Cubs, x/1


NL West

Giants, 21/x

Dodgers, x/21

Padres x/8

Rockies, Rockies,

Diamondbacks, (x/x)

NL Wild Card

Dodgers 8/x

Padres, 22/x

Reds, x/22

Phillies, x/21

Cardinals, #21

Mets, 19

Cubs, 13

Rockies, 12/12

Marlins x/8

Nationals, x/8


Diamondbacks, (x/x)

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