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Mack Weldon debuts “Daily Wear System” with stylish looks for all occasions



Mack Weldon debuts “Daily Wear System” with stylish looks for all occasions

The easy goer

If your day starts with spending a little too much time in front of your closet wondering what to wear, you might be in luck. Mack Weldon, manufacturer of comfortable basics, soft knitwear and much more, has just launched its Daily Wear System. The premise is as simple as it sounds on the surface, but it’s deeper.

What is the idea Perhaps best known for its underwear and basics, the NYC-based direct-to-consumer brand is encouraging guys to “buy some time” and make it easier to get dressed.

The operator

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Dress up from head to toe at Mack Weldon with pieces from the brand that cater for all of life’s needs: think of the Daily Wear System as an operating system that fulfills all of your wardrobe needs.

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The Daily Wear System focuses on four different stories, each of which may sound familiar to you. There’s the Escape Artist, designed for comfort and freedom of movement on the road (think a bespoke stretch polo and shorts) and the Operator (urban style and performance in one ensemble).

The escape artist

There’s also the Easy Goer, a nice mix of bespoke loungewear and casual style that goes with those increasingly casual working hours from home. And for the sports enthusiast who prefers stylish activewear rather than old-fashioned clothing, there is the pacesetter system.

Each offers a full range of equipment designed to work seamlessly with one another. The airy polos go well with stretch shorts and chinos in the office or on the go, just like the brand’s soft T-shirts with tailored sweatpants. With just a few clicks, you can also add the most important parts of each story to your shopping cart.

The pacemaker

If dressing has lost a bit of its shine in the past year, consider this new system as a way to shake things up. Instead of reaching for a worn t-shirt, grab a Mack Weldon Pima Crewneck. Instead of wearing sporty logo shorts at the weekend, take off chinos or sweatpants in Mack Weldon.

It’s not a cliché to say that the Mack Weldon Daily Wear System has something for everyone. We’d bet you’ll find your own story (and some new favorite menswear items) in no time.

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