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“Let Them Lead” is more than just a fun-loving story about a hockey underdog.



'Let Them Lead' tells more than just another fun-loving hockey underdog story

Hey Mighty Ducks. Meet the River Rats. 

John U. Bacon’s “Let Them Lead: Unexpected Learnings From America’s Worst High School Hockey Team” is a story about a hockey underdog that uses a different approach. The Mighty Ducks might just be giving it the “The Mighty Ducks” treatment. 

But what? That’s what we will do. Bacon shares his experiences as a high-school hockey coach at his alma mater, and how he helped to make the River Rats a serious contender. This week, the book was published. 

This book is more than a hockey book for high school students. It’s also a guidebook for teachers, coaches, and bosses. Bacon seamlessly combines two timelines into a single story. 

Sporting News’ Bacon said, “If that is the only review I would accept it all day,” “That’s exactly what we were trying. If we were just telling a story, how many people would be interested in high school hockey? Not a lot. If we are only giving advice, it can be pretty empty. It was hard, but fun, to tell the crazy team about their progress and teach them the lessons. 

Star Dylan Playfair draws upon life experiences| Star Dylan Playfair draws on life experiences

Bacon took over at Huron High School as head coach of a hockey team that finished 0-23-2 the year before he was hired and flipped it into a winner. Bacon details the leadership lessons that came with turning the power over to players and assistant coaches at the program with a confident yet self-deprecating approach. He also discusses the failures and successes of these approaches. Both timelines complement each others well. 

Bacon said, “I believed it was going to be successful and I believed in it.” “My approach was stolen from great coaches elsewhere. But when I accepted the job, I told my parents that it would take me five years. 

How long did it take for a winner to emerge? 

That’s the best part about reading “Let Them Lead.” It’s a journey that might just find its way to the big screen. Bacon will be working with Jim Burnstein (screenwriter for “D3: Mighty Ducks”) and Eddie Rubin (producer on a screenplay. 

Bacon believes that all success is secondary to the events he witnessed at Huron High School. He’s quick to point out he played 86 high school games without scoring a goal. He found a greater reward as a coach, and that’s the heart of a must-read book for those who want to learn more about that pursuit. 

Bacon stated that he would trade 100 goals for the chance to see the faces of the players he coached. This can be shared by any parent, teacher or coach. Their success is far more rewarding than yours. This is what we set out for.” 

Order “Let them Lead” from this page. 

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