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Devon Sawa Recalls Children’s Reactions to Seeing “Casper” and “Chucky”



Devon Sawa Recalls Kids' Reactions to Seeing 'Casper,' 'Chucky'

Not the dad they’re used to! Despite Devon SawaAlthough he has appeared in many movies, his children still see him only as their father.

“It was weird. I put on Casper for my son to watch and you know, I come down the stairs and I kiss Christina [Ricci] and say, ‘Can I keep you?’ And he looked — he was 5 at the time — and he looked so confused,”Sawa, 42, spoke to Us Weekly exclusively during the promotion of his new series, Chucky. “I mean, here I am, you know, 12 years old or 13 years old, and, like, he looked confused. I haven’t put a lot of stuff on for them now. I think they’ve got to understand it a little bit more.”

Sawa and his wife Dawni SahanovitchScarlett, Scarlett and Hudson share a 7-year-old son. The pair have also already gotten a glimpse at the Now and Then star’s upcoming project — and they’re not fans!

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“I will say that I showed them the Chucky trailer and they’re not having it,”He shared his story with us. “I gave it a shot! They weren’t having the Chucky show, so I don’t think there’ll be watching that either.”

Logan Wheeler, Wild America’s star, is played by Logan Wheeler Don Mancini‘s adaptation of the Child’The Play franchise. For Sawa, he couldn’t wait to be part of such an iconic story.

“I remember renting the first Chucky on VHS,”The Canada native was recalled. “When the audition came through to me from my agents, it was a no brainer. I jumped on it. They were, like, ‘Hey, we got this thing. It’s Chucky. What do you think?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I have to do this. I absolutely have to. I’m a huge horror guy.’”

Devon Sawa is Lucas Wheeler in Chucky

Sawa noted that he’s happy the story is told over the course of a series instead of in another movie.

“They can explore the world more with TV. They’re not limited. They go into backstories, they can go into new characters. There’s more killings,”The Idle Hands actor shared his story with Us. “There’s just so much you can do in eight episodes. .. There’s so much swearing that could be said by Chucky in eight episodes!”

Chucky makes his debut on SyFy and USA Network on Tuesday, October 12th, at 10 p.m. ET

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