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Brendan Morais, Pieper James Leave



Brendan Morais, Pieper James Leave

Time to answer up! Brendan Morais and Pieper James were confronted about their pre-show relationship during the Tuesday, September 14, episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Ahead of the rose ceremony, Natasha Parker rehashed what she knew about Brendan and Pieper dating before the show with Joe Amabile, Demi Burnett and more of her costars. The group decided that it was time for them to discover if Brendan and Pieper had really planned their relationship before they arrived in Paradise. Brendan insisted again that he and Pieper were not exclusive before filming and claimed he tried to advance his relationship with Natasha but didn’t have romantic feelings for her.

Brendan said that Pieper and he were able to spend more time on the beach to build their relationship than they would in real life. She said that the show allowed them to be completely focused on each other, and she was there to explore her relationship.

Brendan tried to storm off, but after the group questioned whether the pair were going to leave, he retorted that it didn’t concern them. Privately, Pieper told Brendan she was of course excited to gain more followers from the show, but she alleged she didn’t know that what they had done was “taboo.” She then said she told Brendan she didn’t want to come to Paradise in the first place.

Brendan announced that Pieper was leaving. “This environment, I guess, isn’t where we wanna be at this particular moment,” As Pieper remained completely silent, he revealed his plans to the cast. “I think you all know and I am well aware of, this is the girl I wanna be with, and I feel comfortable in saying that, so I appreciate all you guys, but I’m gonna leave with her and we’re gonna do that on our own terms.”

In the car, Brendan claimed that he didn’t mean to intentionally mislead anyone — he just withheld information.

After the dramatic exit, Tammy Ly tried to get a read on her relationship with Thomas Jacobs following his date with Becca Kufrin. Tammy wanted him in her life outside the show, but he told her he couldn’t see their connection lasting and he felt a more stable bond with Becca. She felt foolish for trusting Thomas after he dumped Tammy on Tammy’s birthday.

Before the rose ceremony, Wells Adams gave a special rose to Natasha, telling her she deserved to stay. Demi, Tammy, Jessenia Cruz and Deandra Kanu were then sent home.

The remainder of the episode featured new arrivals. First up was Lil Jon as the new guest host, followed by Blake Monar with a date card. Blake asked out Tia Booth, leaving James Bonsall discouraged since he had just connected with her. Blake and Tia got along well and it felt like she’d known him for a long time.

Dr. Joe Park then showed up and wanted to take Natasha on a date. The two of them fell in love and began to talk about their pasts with Brendan, his best friend. She knew it was over between them when he told her they didn’t need to rush things and kept expressing his shock over her issues with Brendan.

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, meanwhile, told each other they were falling in love. However, Kendall Long, who was trying to form a relationship with Ivan Hall, broke down watching her ex connect with someone else. She was wondering how much longer she could be there while he went on without her.

Scroll through the gallery below to see where the couples stand after episode eight:

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