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14 small pools for your garden or deck



14 small pools for your garden or deck

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Transform any place into a waterfront property with these cute small space pools. We have put together our uncomplicated, inexpensive and non-binding tips for lazy adults, playful children and dogs who also want to cool off. You can turn your little city back yard into a lovely summer oasis or just get a sturdy and affordable option for the kids on hot days.

Before choosing the pool that suits your needs, be sure to brush up on the Canadian Red Cross children’s swimming and water safety tips for backyard pools, as well as these swimming safety tips. Then, if you decide to opt for the semi-permanent option, check your local pool enclosure regulations. Then it’s pool party time.

Funboy’s inflatable pool models bring the design aesthetics of popular travel destinations around the world to your small space under the sun. Sip your limoncello on ice in this inflatable boat inspired by the Italian tiles of Positano.

Italian Tile Kids Pool, $ 77.24, Revolve

This is a small designer clam pool for Ariel’s home. It’s 5 feet wide and has a large air valve for easy inflation and quick deflation. You can even inflate it with a hairdryer (on cool) or an air mattress pump. This company recommends that you drain your pool after each use, which is probably the best practice for any small, shallow pool with no pump attached.

Minnidip Blushing Palms Inflatable Pool, $ 78, Mini Mono

Make Canadian country house land wherever you are with the “Muskoka” inflatable pool from Canadian inflatable pool brand LYKKE. This 5.6-foot diameter pool is designed for two adults and is made from heavy duty luxury touch vinyl for durability.

Muskoka Inflatable Pool, $ 149, HAPPINESS

This inflatable pool is 6 feet by 9 feet and nearly 2 feet deep and is great value for money. It’s designed for families, but we believe adults can make the cheesy-cute underwater design work with or without kids.

Ocean Theme Inflatable Family Kiddie Pool, $ 79.99, Canadian Tire

This is the perfect adult lounge pool. It is self-inflating, has shade for reading, and comes in three sizes up to 9.5 feet in length. No need to bend your knees!

WINGOMART Auto Inflation Swimming Pool, from $ 179.99, BestBuy

This appears to be the Cadillac among inflatable lounge pools for several reasons. It has built-in seats with backs for up to four adults, cup holders, and is pretty decent in size at 7.5 by 7.5 feet and 30 inches deep.

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool, $ 229.90, Amazon

This inflatable, above-ground pool is 2.4 m wide and 2.5 m deep. It’s a little deeper than some on the market, and a filter pump with a chlorinator helps keep the water clean so you don’t have to empty it out as often.

Summer Waves Pool with Filter Pump, $ 163.99, Amazon

This jumping pool with slide, showers, water cannons and paddling zone looks intense – lots of fun! You can easily inflate, deflate, and tuck it away so it doesn’t become a permanent design element for the garden. It’s just an occasional personal water park that the kids will love.

Picasso Tiles Inflatable Water Slide Bouncing House, $ 419.95, Little Canadian

This is the mini version of the classic above-ground frame pools found in the backyards of many families. Affordable and only 1.80 x 1.20 m, the “My First Frame Pool” is a small but sturdy little option for the kids to cool off.

H20g0! My first frame pool, $ 99.99, Hudson’s Bay

Another pretty affordable option is this old school plastic pool. It has a tiny slide, a place for the hose to add a little spray, and it’s 4 feet in diameter. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about letting a hole in like you would with some of the inflatable options.

Econo Slide Pool, $ 39.99, Canadian Tire

A small baby paddling pool – and it costs just under thirty dollars. We love that it’s super flat so it’s really easy to take with you to the beach, park, or wherever you want your baby to splash around this summer.

bbluv Splash Travel baby paddling pool, $ 29.98, well approx

This super cute, budget-friendly option gives toddlers a little shade to splash around. It’s 32 inches in diameter, designed flat, and if you want to skip the shade, the top is removable.

Little Tikes Crab Shade Pool, $ 24.99, Babies R Us

This Toronto-based company makes galvanized metal tanks that are slightly more durable than other pools with a small space. The oval would be perfect for lounging with a good book (as seen above). It comes with a bromine dispenser and pool pump – very helpful for keeping things clean. And since this pool doesn’t need to be emptied after each use, the brand recommends that you check the fence regulations and pool safety regulations for your area. See their FAQ page for the link to the Toronto Bylaws and Draining Pools.

Oval Stock Tank Pool, $ 1,675, Salt Shack Pools

An option for puppies (or kids) who need to cool off this summer! It’s 63 inches wide, only 1 foot deep, has a non-slip floor for safety, and is foldable and fairly portable. You can use it as a dog bath too, but we’re sure they will prefer the pool option.

Gymax 63 ” Foldable Dog Pool, $ 89.99, Walmart

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